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For your Organisation

  • Are you running out of office space to store records?
  • Are you concerned about the safety/security of your computer back-ups?
  • Are you finding it difficult to locate/retrieve specific documents?
  • Do you have disaster recovery worries?

FileVault services are dedicated to providing a total record and information management solution. We offer a full range of information storage services including economical hard copy storage and retrieval services,for storing sensitive computer media, and imaging, which is the process of converting paper documents to CD-ROMs.

Our Storage facilities offer an extremely safe and secure environment to store your most confidential information. All our services are handled by bonded and insured personnel that are required to go through stringent background checks. Employees must also sign confidentiality agreements before being hired.

Our facilities are also very safe and secure. They are equipped with 24-hour security cameras and alarm systems preventing unauthorised access. 

Our storage services can provide document/information retrieval services in as little as two hours. Our customers have found they can count on us to deliver. We know it's important to get your information when you need it!


Our Imaging service is defined as converting/scanning paper documents to CD-ROMs or other digital files for fast, convenient access via email or web-based systems. Our document scanning services give our customers multiple options for retrieval or storage of their files. 'Scan-On-Demand' is one part of our Imaging service, which allows fileVault to pull customer files in our hard copy storage, scan it, and e-mail the file directly to our customer's desktop anywhere in the world via the Internet. This is an extremely fast and secure delivery method.

Hard Copy Storage

We offer a secure storage site, protected with maximum safety and security systems, designed to keep your records safe from theft, loss or damage. Your records are stored in cartons in our facilities to allow for prompt, accurate retrieval. All boxes received into our storage facility are logged in our database,which holds details of the precise location, the destruction review date, and the retrieval status of each box. Each carton is coded, placing your cartons in a designated space for accurate retrieval, re-filing, and tracking purposes. We also offer high security fire retardant storage for important legal documents such as original deeds and wills. Whenever a stored box needs to be retrieved, we locate it from our state of the art data base from within our storage facility and deliver it to your premises. We can give each customer their own web  "secure encrypted password" which enables them to log in over the internet and view the storage details  ie: Name and file or case number.

Our 7000 sq ft site in Stadium Business Centre, Stadium Drive, Inverness, offers clean, safe, and confidential storage, and is equipped with a monitored intruder alarm system, 24 hour closed circuit video surveillance, and smoke detection system. 

Our operating procedures ensure that all faxed or e-mailed requests for box retrievals received by 4pm are guaranteed to be delivered on the next working day.

For urgent requests we offer a same day 2 hour response should this be required. We take complete responsibility for deliveries and use only our own uniformed staff and liveried vehicles for this service.

There is no need for you to keep track of who received the retrieved box, since we do this for you.

We provide storage and tailored delivery service for all types of sensitive media:

•  Computer Tapes

•  Microfilm

•  Microfiche

•  Video/Audio Tapes

•  Floppy disks

•  Cartridges

•  Disaster Recovery Plans

•  ...and much more

Benefits of hardcopy document storage:

  • Inexpensive storage – from less than 50p per month
  • Space saving – utilise our secure warehouse
  • Controlled - professional archiving environment
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