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Non-Confidential Waste Bins
FileVault would like to offer you an opportunity to recycle your office paper with a regular collection service of waste paper from your premises.
We simply place green paper recycling bins around your building at strategic locations, like beside the photocopier, and collect the contents on a mutually agreed timetable.
Paper is then gathered at our recycling centre in Inverness, sorted, compacted and then and forwarded on to a paper mill to be reprocessed into recycled paper.
We will furnish you with the following;
·       Posters to place around your premises encouraging staff to participate, explaining the do’s and don’ts
·       Green Bins for waste paper placed at previously agreed locations around your premises
·       A certificate to display that you are a member of the scheme.
·       Each year we will update your certificate to include facts and figures on the effects your recycling operation has achieved including;
the number of tree saved
the volume of reduced water usage,
electricity usage saved
a measure of air pollution reduced. 

Confidential Waste Bins
With strategically placed Confidential Waste bins situated around your premises staff are free to dispose of waste easily and securely. Time is not wasted shredding in their time, distracting them from their duties, and creating mess around the shredder, they simply drop any confidential waste into one of the secure bins and walk away.
We collect the bins on a regular basis, the frequency of which is agreed with you, and transfer the materials securely to our premises for destruction. Our industrial shredder shreds to security level 3, this means that it create paper particles 8mm x 50mm.  The waste paper then joins our recycling unit and is used to make recycled paper.
Protection of sensitive materials is ensured through strict security practices and an unbroken chain-of-custody. A certificate of destruction verifies that materials have been destroyed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What happens to the paper once collected?
A – The non confidential paper is taken to our depot in Stadium Road and is stored in our secure recycling containers to await collection. Once full the containers are collected by our merchant who takes them to the paper mill for recycling. The confidential waste is securely transported to depot where it is cross shredded and then stored with the paper for recycling.
Q - How can we ensure that our confidential information is kept that way?
A – Our staff at FileVault have been associated with the company for ten years. FileVault is responsible for the care of documents from several government bodies, a national chain of care homes and a housing society to name a few. Our warehouse is fitted with security cameras, one positioned over looking our shredder.
All confidential bins are fitted with specially designed sacks that are removed and immediately tied securely. From here they are taken to FileVault for shredding.
Q – Why can’t we recycle envelops?
A - Envelops can not be recycled due to the gum and plastic windows found in them. If office paper is contaminated with envelops the paper mills will not accept it.
Q – Why can’t we recycle Newspapers & Magazines?
A – Newspapers and Magazines are not suitable for the current recycling facility that FileVault uses. They contaminate the office paper making it unattractive to the paper mill because newspaper is low quality and magazines have high ink content. In the future we hope to expand our service to include these grades of paper to be recycled into cardboard.
Q – What if we need extra collections?
A – Please phone us and we will be happy to arrange an extra collection.
Q – What about plastic and cans?
A – FileVault also recycles plastic and cans. This service will be provided in the communal areas.
If you require any further information or are interested in meeting with FileVault please call Katie Calder on 01463 725994

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