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Document Management

However technologically advanced many SME’s, or large blue chip organisations have become, they will still have many paper based files and documents. Often the amount of this paper based information can cause duplication of effort, loss or misplacement of critical data, and slower response times to customer enquiries.

This need not be the case with the implementation of a document management system. Installation of a document management solution enables you to have a centralised point for all of your company information, available in seconds with the click of a mouse. You can have security down to document levels for confidential documentation, and employees need only see the documents they are permitted to view. All incoming paper documentation and correspondence can also be added to this system under the relevant file, allowing you instant access to a complete file to address any queries. The system can also be set up to permit viewing of selected documents via the Internet by your client base. This facility could mean that clients can check the status of their accounts and need never have to call your organisation, bringing benefits to both parties.

A document management system can be implemented as a stand-alone resource, a small business or departmental resource, through to a corporate enterprise system, spanning multiple locations and forming an integral part of an overall automated business and knowledge management solution.

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